Cattle Handling

Our expert team will assist in the design and build of complete cattle handling systems which meet the challenges of your environment.

Made using British Steel all Rancher livestock equipment is made in Scotland for clients throughout the UK.

At Rancher, we put a lot of thought into providing a safe environment for handlers and animals.

Design & Manufacturer of Robust Livestock Handling Equipment

Cattle Livestock Equipment

Our design in cattle handling systems ensures a steady flow of animals leading from the holding area into the curved race and round towards the crush.

Walkways are included beside the race giving handlers easy access to move cattle along. We can also include walkways on both sides of the race if necessary.

We recommend our safe easy-clean sheeted race at all times as it prevents heads and limbs getting stuck which can result in injuries.

Our team avoids circular forcing pens as they create wedged shaped corners which cattle nose into, our design encourages the animals to keep moving forward following the ones in front. We have customers who seldom require the forcing gate, and as a result, the animals are quieter in the system.

Another advantage in our design is in the funnel. The gate on the angled side can be closed round against the beast if it is reluctant to enter the raceway. Once the gate is closed around the animal, it is facing forwards and has nowhere else to go. We build our pens to stand at 1.8m (6ft) tall, At this height, the cattle are safely contained with no thoughts of escape. At customers request, we can build to lower heights with a reduction in costs accordingly.

We advocate small gates into and out of the holding pens providing safe access for handlers. Double gates between the holding pens provide safer movement of stock than wide single gates which can be dangerous for handlers pinned behind them by excited cattle. A small gate can be opened from outwith the pen when a rope is attached to the spring bolt (for safety reasons) and then closed quickly once the animal is through.

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Our Process

Ideas & Advice

Expert guidance from an experienced team with a farming background.


Our team will develop a system that meets your requirements.


Steel is engineered by our highly skilled craftsmen before being hot dip galvanized.


A family run business, throughout the process we will look after you.

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